"The Difference a Mentor can make"

All girls face challenges in their development years, but those in the foster care program face hurdles that place them at high risk for unfavorable life outcomes.

Without strategic intervention, early teenage pregnancy and a continued cycle of foster care looms large in their lives. In fact, by age 19, nearly half of the girls in foster care become pregnant. It is tough enough for them to care for themselves with the set of life skills they have acquired, but caring for another individual creates an even more daunting challenge.

That is where you can help. Many of these girls show promise, but they need the help of a woman who can guide them, share life experiences and walk with them in the journey of early parenthood, as they seek to establish healthy lifestyles and wholesome choices for themselves and their children.

The Elizabeth Ministry seeks to pair teenage mothers with compassionate, trained women who will invest two hours a week sharing life experiences and skills to help change the lifelong trajectory of the young mother and her child.

To volunteer, or for more information on mentoring a young mother, please click here.